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It's About Audio!
"Studio Overview"


Full digital audio recording, employing the latest Computer based recording and editing technologies.  

Packed in the DAW and ready for action:  ProTools, digital audio editing software products from Sony Media Software including   Vegas, Sound Forge & Acid , plus WAVES plug-in effects.  Running on the red hot and ready for processing Intel i7 based DAWs .

To clean up the bad stuff is the Sony & Waves Noise Reduction plug-ins for treating noisy recordings or the restoration of old vinyl recordings (which can be remastered to Compact Disc , DVD or Blu-Ray Disc).

Tascam 32 reel to reel analogue mastering deck.

Lexicon, ART, and WAVES in the box.

Plus...direct to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray mastering!

Call Red/Lane productions at (225) 755-2080 today!


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